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Once upon a time...

“Art as a whole is not an aimless creation that flows in a vacuum.
It is a power whose purpose must be to develop and improve the human soul. » Kandinsky

Cradled since my earliest childhood in an artistic universe, studying in
growing up art was obvious. Then comes the time when we find
his first job, we gradually discover the business world.
A rewarding first experience, a field that fascinates me and
attracts me but always this deep desire to work on my own, to
share my art and transmit my values. A few years later, the
great adventure begins! It's time to get going, after all, if we
never takes risks, nothing ever happens to us. And so is born
Boulbar, the fruit of hard work, rewarded by a clientele that
looks like, who wants to consume in a more reasonable, more ethical way...

Boulbar is above all the fusion of my passion for art and my commitment
towards a more responsible way of life.

Always looking for natural, comfortable materials and quality textiles, I
did not take long to specialize in the scarf which offers a possibility
incredible both artistically and ethically. In silk, wool or
cotton, each scarf is made from 100% natural materials and each
collection is drawn by hand whether in acrylic material or on a
graphic tablet. A meticulous work that never ceases to fascinate me but
also to teach me more every day.

Boulbar evolves and grows at the same time as me, the brand is gradually taking on its
flight, it's time to widen the field of possibilities. So that's all
naturally that develops other textiles, always 100% natural.
Then come bags and shirts, new products but still
designed and made the same way!

Impossible to tell you about my story without telling you about a country that made it all
possible. Boulbar is also the fusion of France and India and
the story of two people who fell in love... Traveling to India changed my life,
I met my husband there and I finally had this famous trigger that we need
to undertake. Today and since the beginning, all products are
made in India, always with respect for people and the environment,
and that is, beyond art, what was most dear to my heart… And this beautiful
adventure continues to evolve thanks to you...

Marion Chapuis, Creator of the Boulbar brand.


A Boulbar scarf is not just a piece of fabric, it is not
thousands of parts produced in large production lines...
A Boulbar scarf is a 100% natural and quality fabric, it is the
result of a fusion between art and ethics, France and India, drawing and printing...
A Boulbar scarf is a story told by a passionate designer
and committed, Marion Chapuis, who offers you pieces in limited editions.
A Boulbar scarf are unique models inspired by the seasons,
nature and landscapes...Graphic designs that draw their source from
memories and encounters... Nuanced tones, warm and cold colors
reminiscent of travel, music and above all life...
Each Boulbar scarf is designed like a painting, a painting that becomes
fabric, and a fabric that envelops you, comforts you but also
spice up your style! Each Boulbar scarf comes with
a pretty printed card, the garment you are wearing is told to you in all
transparency, from its creation to its manufacture...
Each Boulbar scarf has its story, it's up to you to make it your own and continue to write it...



Boulbar always goes further in its commitments.

The brand continues to promote, through its collections, a more reasonable and more ethical consumption that respects people and the environment.

Wearing a Boulbar scarf means wearing 100% natural materials, whether silk, wool or cotton. And when you fall for one of these
unique pieces, you work for the brand in this sense...And we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for participating in our commitments and our values...


Responsible Fashion

Values ​​that are important to us:

- Loyalty and commitments to our suppliers
- The quality of our 100% natural materials and our GOTS certified cotton
- The know-how from the creator to the producer.
- The transparency of all our products
- Ethical and responsible fashion
- The pride of manufacturing in India and ensuring the well-being of the men and women who work there.

GOTS : Global Organic Textile Standard

Materials we are proud of...

Boulbar, these are also materials without which we could not offer you pieces consistent with our values ​​and our commitments. Chosen by the brand since its creation, our materials are 100% natural and are part of the history of Boulbar, of its DNA. Discover all our beautiful materials carefully selected for each of our collections, whether in wool, silk or cotton.



with beautiful materials and know-how!

In wool, silk or cotton, each material is carefully sorted and selected.
The Boulbar brand has been committed since its creation to the transparency of all
its parts, but where do they come from?

The cotton we select is grown in the heart of the Kerala region in India.
It is now 95% GOTS organic certified. But what does this label mean?

GOTS which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, is an international label
which recognizes and certifies a product when all these conditions are met:
- dignified and responsible working conditions.
- the respect of environment.
- the non-toxicity on health.
- water management and saving.

GOTS cotton does not contain any genetically modified grain, it does not contain any
pesticides, fertilizers or pollutants.

Currently, less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide is organic.
We have specially chosen this cotton because it also reduces
up to 45% of CO2 emissions and 87% of water consumption compared to
traditional cotton.

The Boulbar brand now offers GOTS cotton for all its scarves.
Only the bags and foutas are still not GOTS organic certified.

The wool comes directly from New Zealand where there is a quality material. Biodegradable and sustainable, New Zealand wool is natural and eco-responsible.
We do not offer certified organic wool currently choosing transparency with our customers but also selling prices. But, good news! We are currently working on it!

Finally, our beautiful natural silk comes directly from North India to Calcutta and is located just
next to our workshops!

The quality of the parts you
wear are for Boulbar, a priority. Choosing beautiful materials is also
offer you beautiful cuts so that you can keep your accessories the
as long as possible. The durability of the textile makes it possible to reduce the
energy consumption, reduce waste and waste less water.
These values ​​have been in Boulbar's DNA since its creation!

Do you like transparency?

U.S. too ! So that the consumer's choice is as fair as possible, the Boulbar brand is part of a process of total transparency. No secrets between us!


and their exceptional know-how!

Fashion is a passion, but fashion should not be, according to Boulbar, an object of
overconsumption, it should impact the environment as little as possible,
fashion should be created with respect for both men and women and
of the planet. This is why the brand has been committed since its creation to
be completely transparent with the consumer. No secrets between
We ! You know where the products come from, what materials are
chosen and under what conditions each Boulbar part is manufactured.
The workshop was chosen in India by choice, a logical choice since the brand
was born in part from the merger of two countries. And what pride of power
work with these men and women, these craftsmen with the know-how
artisanal and ancestral!

We select the wool in New Zealand since it is in this country that
we find the best quality and a natural material.

All our raw materials are then sent to our workshop
production in Calcutta which also takes care of the manufacture of all the parts
of the Boulbar brand and this, since the very beginning. We are also engaging the
total loyalty to our partners.

Our inks come from Germany and are AZOFREE certified, these are non-toxic.

Boulbar being a committed brand, we go
very regularly in our manufacturing workshops to ensure that the
craftsmen work in good conditions but also to check that the
methods used are in line with the brand and its values.
We want to leave a maximum of working time to our partners and take
careful not to impose difficult production deadlines.


made in india?

"In all honesty, if scarves are made in India, India is
the country that specializes in stoles, and that it's my second country! »

Marion Chapuis, creator of the Boulbar brand.

And yes, you will have understood, Marion Chapuis has a very special relationship with
India, which she considers her second country. She was able to meet there the one
who is now her husband, her great love. She goes at least once a
year with his in-laws and takes this opportunity to visit the workshops
Manufacturing. India is a bit like his second home, even more so since the
birth of their daughter, Nila. It was therefore quite natural for Marion
to set up its workshops in India and not in Europe. In love with India, he
it seemed obvious to him to work in collaboration with Indians and what more
is, stole specialists!



We are keen to communicate to you
the complete transparency of our creations,

and how we set our prices.
Here is a breakdown of our costs

for an organic cotton scarf.


Raw material and making of the scarf.


03 - TRANSPORT - 10%


We invest to present our products to you on the networks and our website.


06 - VAT - 20%


and improvement points


It's not always easy to be responsible,

especially for a small brand like Boulbar.
But on our scale, we try to do the best

and improve every day!

- Use 100% organic cotton

in all of our collections.
- Certify our wool RWS (Responsible Wool Standard).
- Visit the wool farm in New Zealand.