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L'art de porter le foulard en soie ! -


The silk scarf or a style that goes with silk!

Discover the Boulbar silk scarf

Timeless, timeless, essential... The silk scarf is the essential accessory to enhance your outfits throughout the year. Specializing in silk scarves since its creation, the Boulbar brand gives you advice and tips to assert your style! Placed like a veil around the shoulders, as a bandana around the neck, tied in the hair or hung on a handbag, the silk scarf can be worn in several ways and brighten up your style with a colorful touch!
Discover now the art of tying the Boulbar-style silk scarf!

4 ways to wear the silk scarf!

There are so many ways to wear a silk scarf! Today Boulbar gives you some that will brighten up your daily outfits.
Discover 4 different ways to wear a silk scarf and wake up your style by adding a little touch of spice!

The bandana-style silk scarf

A classic ! This way of wearing the silk scarf is timeless. An essential fashion accessory, it adds a colorful touch to your outfit. In summer as in winter, the fluidity of the material allows it to be worn all year round. You go to work, you have put on your jacket and your jeans, tie your silk scarf as a bandana and you will see, this accessory will make all the difference! Colorful and graphic, silk scarves from Boulbar are very easily worn as a bandana.
A simple little knot of the silk scarf behind the neck and you are stylized from head to toe, and that's it!

The silk scarf tied in the hair

It's THE fashion of the moment and it's set to last a long time! The silk scarf is also an accessory that can be worn in the hair. You don't have time to do your hair or you simply want to spice up your style in a more original way? Why not put a silk scarf in your hair? Tie it like a headband around your head, bring the silk scarf behind your neck and tie both sides. Perfect, you now have your hair done and in style!
Hair attached or detached, the silk scarf is also an original hair accessory that will bring the little touch of color that will make all the difference and will enhance your outfits all year round.

The silk scarf hanging on the handbag

Do you want to change your handbag? Top ! But why not stylize yours by adding color and hanging a silk scarf? You can tie the silk scarf in different ways around your handbag, for example by tying it around a strap. Printed or plain, the silk scarf will enhance your style and set you apart! Your handbag then becomes a unique piece in no time!

The silk scarf placed like a veil around the neck

This is definitely the easiest way to wear the silk scarf, wrap it around your neck, and the silk scarf dresses you up in a breeze! By wearing it this way, you make the silk scarf the centerpiece of your outfit! Orange, red, yellow, blue, with a pattern or without, printed or plain, graphic or floral, the silk scarf is THE wardrobe must-have to give you style! Play with the print, change color, adopt a different style!

Boulbar or the art of creating the silk scarf

The silk scarf is quite a story!

Did you know ? Boulbar is one of the benchmark brands for scarves and a specialist in silk scarves since its inception.
Marion Chapuis, its creator, draws by hand or on a graphic tablet all the pieces in her collections. Scarves in silk, wool or cotton, she is inspired by travel, music and encounters to create and design them. This is why each product is offered in a limited edition and produced in small quantities. Each piece is unique! In love with India, it was on her way there that she met the man who would become her husband and the father of her child, but that she was also able to meet the stole specialists. Indeed, India is known for this artisanal and ancestral know-how.
Boulbar is also the merger of two countries, France and India. It is therefore quite natural that Marion Chapuis, creator of the brand, offers you products and the “French Touch, Made in India” silk scarf with 100% natural and comfortable materials.

Wearing a Boulbar silk scarf means saying yes to responsible fashion!

Marion Chapuis, in addition to having been cradled in an artistic universe from an early age, very quickly got involved in environmental causes and has always had a concern for ethics, reasoned and reasonable consumption and the conditions work of men and women.
Building a brand also means transmitting its values, ensuring the well-being of the men and women who manufacture and produce the unique pieces that are offered to you.
This is why Boulbar has been committed since its inception to a responsible fashion approach. The materials are 100% natural and eco-responsible, the cotton is GOTS organic certified, the silk and wool are natural and of high quality.
Thus, Boulbar sells its products in the most total transparency, in order to be as fair as possible with the consumer. You know exactly where the silk scarf you are wearing comes from, from manufacturing to cost price!

The silk scarf in all its forms!

Because Marion Chapuis is inspired by the world around her, each silk scarf is meticulously designed and made in a limited edition. A world rich in colors, shades and tints. Exclusive collections over the seasons, unique pieces and different styles... This is why everyone can find the silk scarf that suits them! Favoring natural, soft, silky and comfortable materials, Boulbar offers a whole range of silk scarves with different patterns, from floral tones to graphic designs.
You will surely find happiness !

Caring for a silk scarf

<H3>Caring for a silk scarf<H3>

Always in the spirit of responsible fashion and with a concern for product quality, Boulbar's commitment is also to allow you to keep your silk scarf as long as possible and to wear it throughout the year. without using it.
This is why Boulbar advises you not to put it in the washing machine. Instead, prefer a delicate hand wash in cold water. Silk is a fragile material, by maintaining it this way, you can keep it preciously for a lifetime!

Boulbar is the silk scarf specialist… But not only!

Boulbar offers a wide range of silk scarves always in limited edition. The pieces offered are produced only by the dozens and are the result of long artistic work and Indian artisanal and ancestral know-how.
Boulbar, in addition to being a specialist in silk scarves, is one of the benchmark brands for stoles. Cotton scarf, silk, wool or cotton squares, wool scarf, silk scarf, discover a whole range of accessories that will make your outfit unique! Wrap yourself in softness and let yourself be lulled by a soft, silky and comfortable fabric. Because a garment sticks to your skin, it is important for the brand to respect it, whatever the material!
Recently, Boulbar has developed new products, from handbags to shirts, always in natural and 100% comfortable materials!
Discover now the brand new Boulbar collection exclusively.

Do you like the Boulbar silk scarf?

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Boulbar is first of all...A brand, a designer...A scarf, a story...
Know-how, ethics...
So, let's go together towards responsible fashion!

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